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Aligned Medical Group, P.C.

Medical Practitioners located in Paoli, PA

27 total reviews

Aligned Medical Group, P.C. always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 27 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Aligned Medical Group, P.C. below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Jacqueline S.
Submitted 07/10/20
I saw Dr. Stutzman today. My neck and back say thank you! I feel so much better this afternoon from the adjustment. Wow! What a great visit!
Jacqueline S.
Submitted 04/02/20
this is an outstanding facility. I will recommend AMG to all my family and friends. This group understands truly what good health and wellness is all about. excellent treatments and PT. The whole staff is warm, welcoming and knowledgable
Thomas B.
Submitted 02/05/20
Awesome Team! The staff is very friendly and thoroughly identifies your pain issue(s). They use a team approach to review your diagnosis and create your treatment plan. This is the beginning of my treatment and I look forward to relieving my constant pain.
Elaine W.
Submitted 10/31/19
I have been coming to this practice for around 12 years now.They docs are great, the office staff is helpful and friendly, I get a great massage here and have recently been going through some physical therapy with a great staff. This is a place of wellness!
Eleanor B.
Submitted 10/30/19
The physical therapy staff is awesome. I definitely have more energy and less pain. One of my goals was to be able to ride my horse again. Success with this one. I am very optimistic about still more improvement.
Sue D.
Submitted 10/29/19
It was a fabulous experience. Everyone is happy and the work that they do is phenomenal. From beginning to end they tell you exactly what you need to do and I'm very pleased. The stem cell is a new procedure and I was a little be weary and the whole thing has worked out so well.
Patricia M.
Submitted 07/10/19
I was so happy to work with Jamie. Her level of professionalism and sensitivity helped me to understand the Synergy Weight Loss Program! My first week I lost 8 pounds and learned how to make smarter nutritional choices! Way to go Jamie!
Sandy P.
Submitted 02/01/19
Been a happy patient here since 2016!! I especially love working with Jamie and the Synergy Weight Loss Program, with helping me achieve my health/ lifestyle goals—better nutritional choices, weekly check ins—accountability and positive feedback and encouragement!! Love Santina, Joel, and the ladies at the front desk!! They all treat you like friends and family.
Bruce K.
Submitted 01/31/19
Competent, comprehensive, caring, authentic, engaging, educational
Dave B.
Submitted 01/31/19
I have been a patient at A.M.G. for 4 months now and the chiropractic and Physical therapy is top notch. The achilles pain is long gone and the staff is now attacking the back & hamstring issues I've had for years. This is the place to get relief and with a commitment to the indiviual plan they set for you, you will see immediate results !!! The staff is always great and I enjoy and look forward to every visit !!! They're a must if you want relief from pain !!!!
Jason S.
Submitted 01/29/19
I’ve been visiting this practice for a little over 7 months. The team here consists of gifted individuals that are genuinely caring and knowledgeable. I came in based on a recommendation from a friend, and am I glad I did. Prior to my visiting I had been waking every morning for an entire year with severe mid back pain. Through rehabilitation chiropractic and medical practices ive been sleeping consistently and comfortably for months. I’ve learned so many techniques they have actually improved my performance as an athlete. This is an amazing group and I’m glad I found them
Submitted 01/24/19
I had been aging and basically just accepting my life in pain. Then last May I fell and broke the femoral head of my left leg. Surgery followed to insert 4 screws in my hip area. The timing was bad for a gardener. After getting the okay to begin PT from my surgeon, I called Aligned Medical Group. And so began my CARE at AMG. I put "CARE" in caps because from each and every person on the staff at AMG I felt care from. This practice is exceptional, not only in their expertise, and professionalism, but also in making patients feel cared for and about. Like Cheers, everyone knew my name! I was greeted with smiles. My hip rehab morphed into nearly a total body improvement effort! It was long and all consuming , but the results have been worth it. My hip is great, my back, my neck, my shoulders, my knees and my feet have all improved greatly. I missed the gardening season for 2018, but am now looking forward to this year! After 3 sessions a week for six months, I felt like one of the family! Upon being discharged, I truly felt a sense of sadness that I wouldnt be seeing my new friends on a regular basis. I can't stop the ageing, but I now know how to minimize most of the pain. There have even been some days lately that I was pain free! I highly recommend this group and strongly advvise not waiting until your problems get really bad before seeking help. I wish I had.
Angela M.
Submitted 01/18/19
The medical professionals at Aligned are friendly, knowledgeable and have helped me immensely with my back and hip pain. I appreciate immensely their advice and recommendations on how I can continue my wellness care at home!!
Charles B.
Submitted 01/10/19
It was a good visit, the practice seems to be very organized, helpful, patient oriented.
John B.
Submitted 12/21/18
At the Aligned Medical facility I have been in an environment that is totally happy, working together to get me well. ALL the staff has worked very hard to get me better and I am. I had the stem cell injections and have been totally pain free. The chiropractic care, PT has made me look forward to a totally active life-one that I could NEVER of dreamed of achieving a month ago.
Robert D.
Submitted 11/12/18
The care I received was outstanding. Rather than simply provide a service, care was taken to do a complete evaluation and then to provide a comprehensive treatment plan. I made great improvement reducing pain to virtually zero. In addition, their was always great advice on how to prevent future problems. The service included chiropractic, medical, and physical therapy, well as a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Clearly all of the providers are a dedicated group of professionals.
Ronald G. P.
Submitted 11/06/18
I've had a bad back for many years and have gone to other chiropractors for relief, but it was always temporary. When I came to Aligned Medical Group, I was assessed and a plan was put in place. I visited for a month, 3 days a week, where I underwent physical therapy, injections and adjustments. During the physical therapy I was taught 12 exercises mainly stretching that have proven very effective. I now workout every morning 7 days a week. I ride a bike for 20 minutes, then do the 12 stretching exercises. Every other day I lift weights, not a lot of weight, but just enough to keep me toned. When I wake up in the morning I usually have some tightness in my back, but after my work out it's gone. I've been doing this routine now for over 6 months and the results are nothing short of amazing. Thank you Aligned Medical group for getting me in this position. Oh I forgot, I'm 76 years old and finally have no pain.
Martha E.
Submitted 10/08/18
I came in with several troubling issues with pain, from a damaged shoulder and stress throughout my neck and shoulders, to back, lower back and leg/foot pain. Two months of strategic treatment from all departments of this practice found me reaching my goals, and quite frankly, exceeding my expectations. Everyone worked with serious commitment and expertise to solve my problems, and each one knew his or her area of concern as it related to my specific needs. Along with their professional expertise, they are warm, engaging and caring, something that makes them more like family in the healing process, and not just professionals. They're just plain good, all around tops. I'd recommend Aligned Medical Group to anyone who has issues that can be addressed by this type of provider. You can't miss!
Laura W.
Submitted 08/24/18
I have been on a journey over the past year. Such a journey, that I have in fact lost track of every doctor I've been to, their suggested diagnoses, and different treatments. I had all but given up on finding relief for my chronic shoulder/neck pain. I found Aligned Medical Group on Groupon for a massage deal. Little did I know that this massage would lead to where I find myself today - on a path to recovery and hopeful. Crystal, Dr. Mann, and Dr. Donohoe are compassionate, knowledgeable, and very good at what they do. The staff at Aligned is so accommodating and pleasant to work with. I'm so happy I found you guys. You've been such a shining light in what has seemed like the longest, darkest tunnel.
David G.
Submitted 08/03/18
"I had given up. It had been over three years since I had felt "normal". Other chiropractors, orthopedists, and Laser Spine Institute all gave conflicting diagnosises. Chronic low back pain had become part of life and at 35, my ambitions had decreased. That's when I met Dr. Joel Stutzman. The team at Aligned Medical Group took the time to understand my history, physiology, and my goals. As promised, Dr. Stutzman and his team weren't about to waste my time. A custome treatment plan was developed which included a beginning, an end, and a price. Santina and her team helped to determine the most cost effective route for me personally. Four weeks later and I'm effectively done! I'm feeling better now than I have in years and have been instructed on how to continue my physical therapy exercises at home. My confidence has returned and my chronic pain has vanished. I'm extremely grateful for and indebted to the entire staff including but not limited to; Jaimee (Case Manager), Crystal (Nurse Practitioner), and the rehab crew (John, Ian, and Dr. Travis)." Sincerely, David G

Eleanor B.

"The physical therapy staff is awesome. I definitely have more energy and less pain. One of my goals was to be able to ride my horse again. Success with this one. I am very optimistic about still more improvement."