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Physical therapy can restore mobility and reduce pain, swelling, and even stress. Aligned Medical Group, P.C. has been providing physical therapy services to their patients for many years. They firmly believe in the benefits of strategic, focused stretching and rehabilitative exercise. Call or book online to make a physical therapy appointment at their Paoli, Pennsylvania, office.

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy focuses on restoring your mobility and helping you recover from injuries and other types of pain.

If you have an injury or some form of pain with specific movements, physical therapy can help restore your range of motion through a selective plan entailing education, heat and cold therapies, and guided exercises and movements, including stretching, electrical stimulation, and more.

Physical therapy can make you stronger, increase your endurance, and give you better balance. It can work wonders if:

  • You’re recovering from surgery
  • You have limited range of motion
  • You’re recovering from a traumatic injury
  • You have a chronic health problem, such as arthritis
  • You want to improve your overall sense of wellness

What can I expect during my physical therapy appointment?

You can expect an initial consultation to introduce you to your practitioner and to discuss your medical history and current lifestyle habits.

The first appointment usually entails reducing pain and swelling with manual therapy and any other techniques your practitioner sees fit. The education begins at this first stage.

What are the types of physical therapy?

Physical therapy treatments include:


Therapeutic ultrasound delivers deep heat into the soft tissues and surrounding muscles, tendons, and joints.

Heat packs

Heat packs increase your circulation and help flush toxic waste out of your muscles.

Core exercises

Core exercises are specifically designed to strengthen your core since these are crucial muscles that support your posture.


Med-X is an advanced collection of top-quality exercise equipment your physical therapist utilizes to obtain the best rehabilitative results for you.

What are the benefits of physical therapy?

There are numerous benefits of physical therapy. It’s a valuable, preventive care tool to help prevent chronic disease through movement. The exercise and stretching can disperse inflammation and reduce stress. You can also experience improved flexibility, posture, muscle coordination, and speed.

With physical therapy, you have the guidance and support of a professional. You also have a customized maintenance plan to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your results. Aligned Medical Group, P.C. offers unique, custom physical therapy programs for their patients. Call or book online to find out more.