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What does it mean to be an integrated practice?

Medical Integration is a newer healthcare model where multiple licensed specialists work together on the same patient under the same roof. The goal of this model is to better serve patients with comprehensive care that achieves faster, deeper results. Typically, this model has a strong core of active care and education, that helps patients gain more control over their own health.

How do physical therapy, chiropractic and physical medicine work together?

While each of these divisions of healthcare treat many of the same conditions, each takes a different approach and affects or stimulates different systems of the body. For example, if a woman seeks care for a severe tennis elbow that is worsening for 8 months, all 3 professions would likely have her reduce stressful activities and perhaps use ice to calm her elbow. From here, the physical therapist would stretch the muscles to ease tension, perform exercises to strengthen and use therapies to naturally help healing, and see her multiple times weekly for months. The chiropractor may adjust the joint around the elbow and wrist, stimulating her to heal faster and enabling her to use her elbow more efficiently. The medical doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication or perform an injection at the elbow to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing. While all 3 approaches work, there are the limitations of each:

Physical therapist: slow healing, many visits to get relief and to get back to activity.
Chiropractor: many visits and this will not address strength, so the problem is likely to return.
Medical doctor: fast relief but the real problem is never addressed.

IMAGINE: She gets adjustments right away to allow her elbow to move more efficiently and enable faster healing. She begins active and passive stretching to loosen tight tissue and enable proper healing of the damaged and stressed tissues, along with therapy to stimulate her body to heal faster on its own. She also gets an injection of Sarapin and Lidocaine to calm the area, reduce inflammation and stimulate healing. Or, perhaps since it is severe she could get an injection of a steroid to eliminate inflammation altogether. Combining all 3 specialties most effectively resolves her condition and saves many weeks of suffering and limitation.

Does insurance cover this?

Most patients have insurance benefits that cover at least a portion of care. In an integrated setting, your benefits are the same as if you went to separate offices at different locations. Call us and we will let you know specifically how your insurance benefits fit your needs.

I just want to see your chiropractors, is that okay?

Our medical doctor holds the highest level of license in our practice and therefore must oversee and/or participate in all patient care. Depending on your condition, long-term treatment from our medical doctor may or may not be necessary.

If I don’t want medications or injections, do I still have to see the medical doctor?

It depends on your condition. Our medical doctor holds the highest level of license in our practice. He would like to participate in your care and will oversee all aspects of each patient’s care. It is more difficult to get a new patient appointment with him, so we recommend doing it as soon as possible.

Can I just do the exercises at home?

We strongly recommend doing your exercises here under our supervision. Physical therapists, exercise specialists and personal trainers have their own professions for very good reasons… It is difficult to exercise properly and safely, and to achieve good results. While we make a few exceptions here and there, we would not be comfortable accepting most patients under our care unless we monitored exercise here.

I have tried to lose weight and failed multiple times. How will your weight loss program be different?

Our program is what we believe to be the most effective weight loss system available. We do not sell you salty, processed foods. We allow you to eat naturally and help guide your choices. Medications help reduce your appetite, keep your energy levels and metabolism high and burn more fat. We even help reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue so you improve your figure as you diet and burn off the unwanted pounds.

How is your Vax-D decompression therapy different from other practices that offer decompression?

Our Vax-D decompression table has clinical trials that substantiate the effectiveness of the treatment. There are many “decompression” tables out there, ranging from $8,000 to over $100,000, and keep in mind that you can’t compare the safety report of a Volvo to a tiny Smart Car. We are very experienced and specialty trained to use spinal decompression for disc herniation, degenerate disc and pinched nerves or sciatica. Please visit to learn more about our table. If you’re “shopping around,” we firmly recommend only using a VaxD which has supportive literature. However, the DRX9000 and AccuSpina are tables which also get good results. We hope to have the opportunity to review your personal situation and let you know how we can help.

How long will it take to get better?

This varies greatly for every patient. It also depends on your goals. For example, are you interested in a little pain relief, or do you want to fix the cause of your problem? We typically ask that you encounter a full examination and first treatment, return to our office within 1-2 days and then we can be very specific to how long it will take to reach your goals.

I am scared to be adjusted. Is it safe?

Yes! This is a question that comes up often. There are many preconceived ideas about chiropractic adjustments and safety, however the odds of injury from a chiropractic adjustment are exceedingly rare. Chiropractic malpractice insurance is the lowest of all doctor healthcare and is typically is $1,200-1,600 a YEAR. It would take thousands of chiropractors to cover just 1 major injury a year. Our examinations and skilled hands keep you safe.

What is the “cracking” sound during an adjustment?

The cracking sound is called cavitation. When a joint moves into a far range of motion, the joint suctions air from the joint fluid and it creates the cracking sound. It is benign and really does not have much to do with the true goal of an adjustment which is to restore better motion to a restricted joint.

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