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About Aligned Medical Group, P.C.


About Aligned Medical Group, P.C.

Located next to Paoli Memorial Hospital in Paoli, PA, Aligned Medical Group, P.C. is a comprehensive medical practice comprised of compassionate specialists in the areas of Physical Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and Medical Weight Loss.

Our Practitioners, with the support of our Clinical Team, are ready to get you back to a lifestyle that is healthy, active and pain-free. With our unique and thorough approach, we are confident we can help you have a solution to reach your health goals.


Your body is an amazingly intricate machine. We believe that if you have a symptom, something has gone astray with the normal functioning of your body.

Symptoms such as pain, numbness, fatigue, and headaches are how our subconscious mind communicates with our conscious mind, asking for help and demanding action.

Most of our patients suffering from musculoskeletal pain arrive with no explanation for why or how their symptoms began.

While sprains, strains, auto accidents and falls can certainlyinjure bodily tissue, most patients undergo ongoing, pain-free or minimally painful “wear and tear” until it becomes too difficult for the body to tolerate and symptoms then begin. Our approach involves locating the primary cause of your symptom. We then want to identify any contributing health factors or lifestyle issues that may impact your condition. For example, imagine a woman seeks help for headaches. In some offices, her doctor would give her pain medication and send her on her way.

But what if her headaches were caused by muscle tension in her neck, because of too much exercise or carrying a poor posture? Or what if the muscle tension in her neck is because of overcompensating neck movements from a bad shoulder? Well, clearly the pain medication would just mask the problem and she would slip down the slippery slope of a worsening, underlying problem.

At Aligned Medical Group, P.C. we have multiple specialists who will work with you, sharing viewpoints and offering you choices from which to choose how you prefer to be treated. We commit ourselves to resolving your complaint to the best of our ability, and we want you to live a healthier life and not need to return to us with the same problem again and again.

We educate and provide tools so you can safely become more active with your health. We believe that “Living Pain-Free is How You’re Meant to Be,” and we believe that our comprehensive approach is one of the best you will find.

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