Synergy Medical Weight Loss

This method utilizes a variety of medications and natural supplements that help speed up the body’s ability to burn fat. This method also reduces appetite and increases energy levels, further helping you to lose weight.

The doctor will perform an examination, blood work, and diagnostic tests if necessary before the weight loss treatment begins.

Weight Wellness Consultant

The process begins with a weight consultant who reviews your health history, weight loss goals, and the successes and failures you’ve had with weight loss in the past. You’ll then review the program options you can choose from and discuss the benefits of various products.

Wellness consultants are exercise physiologists who will guide you through the program on a day-to-day basis. They’ll be available for you anytime by email or phone for support and to help you reach your desired weight. Your consultant will encourage you to exercise and be more active so you can keep the weight off for good.

In addition to supporting you throughout your exercise program, your wellness consultant will encourage you to incorporate healthy food choices into your diet to improve your health overall and to help you lose weight.

Medication and Supplements

You’ll be prescribed FDA-approved appetite suppressants, with the goal of reducing your appetite by eliminating difficult food cravings. Some patients also go through hormone therapy to increase metabolism and minimize muscle loss.

The program also recommends a variety of natural supplements that help you lose weight while also allowing you to maintain a healthy nutritional intake during your reduced food consumption. This program is successful in large part due to the synergy between medications and supplements which help patients achieve great results.

Time Frame

Your weight consultant will help you choose the appropriate program duration based on your needs, goals, and which aspects of the program you choose to implement. Patients who require several months of medical weight loss will be seen by the physician on a monthly basis to decide which medications need to be continued and which can be ceased.

If you’re looking for a safe, effective way to lose weight quickly, Synergy Medical Weight Loss could be right for you. The program is customized for you by utilizing the right combination of medication, natural supplements, a healthy diet, and an exercise plan. Your wellness consultant will help you stay on track throughout the program by assisting you whenever you need encouragement and positivity.

Through Synergy Medical Weight Loss Program offered at Aligned Medical Group, you’ll use a variety of medications and natural supplements that will speed your body’s ability to burn fat while reducing appetite and increasing energy levels. To learn more about this program, download our free eBook, Understanding Medical Weight Loss.