It’s normal to be worried about the scars that your surgery will leave behind, and to want to prevent scars all together. All in all, a scar from surgery usually is a small price to pay to be feeling better from the results it will yield. Fortunately, there are some tips and methods for you to consider that can keep your scarring minimal and keep your skin healthy.

Whether a scar appears or not has to do with how well the wound heals. While minor wounds may heal perfectly without the appearance of a scar, surgical procedures over joints such as the knee is very difficult to avoid scarring. It’s crucial to properly care for the wound after the procedure as it heals, to best prevent scars that last longer.

Keep reading to learn more about tips for preventing and minimizing surgery scars.

Change the Bandage: After your surgery, your wound will be covered with a clean dressing. Your doctor will instruct you on how often to change the dressing in order to keep your wound as clean and dry as possible. He or she will also give you instructions on how to clean the wound and when it’s an appropriate time to get it wet. Otherwise, don’t cover it with any types of creams or gels. It’s best to let it breathe so it can heal properly. Sometimes, your doctor will allow a thin layer of a light moisturizer if your wound feels itchy or dry.

Diet: Make sure to keep your immune system up by drinking a lot of fresh water and staying hydrated, and eating fruits and vegetables that will provide the body plenty of nutrients and antioxidants. This is important because your body needs to be healthy to regenerate tissue and heal the wound.

Light Exercise: This is dependent on the surgery that you underwent, but if you are allowed to do light exercise, it can greatly minimize the appearance of the scar. Exercise will get the blood pumping and flowing through your body to clean out the old toxins and give the wound fresh blood with nutrients and oxygen to allow tissue to rebuild more effectively.

Avoid Sunlight: Sun exposure makes scarring worse, so it’s best to avoid direct sunlight. After your wound heals and you’re able to remove the bandage, you should make sure to always cover your wound in sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun.
Stop Smoking: Smoking causes carbon monoxide in blood cells, which means the blood cells can’t carry oxygen throughout the body as quickly. The body will have to work harder for results that are not as effective. For best results, stop smoking a few weeks before your surgery and wait until your wound is healed until you start smoking again.

Do Not Touch: As your wound is healing, it’s best to keep your hands off of it at all costs. Touching the wound will only irritate it, and picking at a scab forming will make scarring worse and can even cause infection.

If you have recently had surgery and are dealing with scar tissue problems or adhesions, you can find relief and other tips to prevent scars. Click here to schedule a consultation with the physicians at Aligned Medical Group.