Rest is very effective in relieving your symptoms after suffering from a pinched nerve that was caused by an overuse injury. While you rest, avoid any activity that may have caused the overuse injury. Make sure you give your back plenty of time to heal before you start being active again. Over-the-Counter Medications

Taking over-the-counter medication, like Ibuprofen and Naproxen, can be helpful in temporarily relieving the pain you’re experiencing. The anti-inflammatory properties in these medications help reduce the inflammation, thereby reducing pain and pressure on the nerve.


Certain injections can also help relieve pain. Corticosteroid medication can reduce the inflammation and pressure when injected into the area of the nerve where it is pinched. This anti-inflammatory medication can shrink swelling and relieve pain caused by many different types of pinched nerves.


Exercise helps reduce symptoms by increasing flexibility and building strength in other areas of the body that support the back. Incorporating exercises that increase flexibility in your back and core muscles into your workouts may also help decrease or eliminate the pressure being placed on the nerve root.

Splinting or Bracing

For pinched nerves of the spine and conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, using a splint or a brace is often effective in reducing pressure on the nerve and relieving pain. Wearing a brace helps support the area to avoid further damage as well.

Weight Loss

The spine supports the body, so being overweight and carrying extra pounds causes your spine to work harder than it should. This extra pressure can result in damage and injury. It can strain the spinal column and put it out of alignment as well.

If you’re experiencing pinched nerve symptoms, the injury could be associated with, or exacerbated by, being overweight. Choosing a workout program such as walking every day can begin to help eliminate this pain.

Aligned Medical Group’s Approach

When these noninvasive tips aren’t enough to relieve your pain, it’s time to turn to Aligned Medical Group for treatment. Aligned Medical Group utilizes the following techniques to treat back pain:

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