If you’re dealing with pain in your joints, you may think you have to go through extensive treatment methods for relief. However, there are treatment options available that treat your pain but don’t require lengthy or difficult procedures. Non-invasive chiropractic care involves effective treatment methods that increase your range of motion and relieve your pain. These methods take place on an outpatient basis and you’ll typically visit your chiropractor over multiple sessions to receive treatment. As your condition improves, your treatments will decrease until you’re discharged.

There are different types of non-invasive chiropractic care options designed to treat patients with various conditions, injuries, and pain. Continue reading to learn more about these options and find out which one would be most beneficial in getting you back to living your life pain free.

1. Flexion-Distraction Manipulation

This type of chiropractic manipulation is designed to treat the lower back and hip area.  You’ll lie down on a specialized treatment table with a hydraulic mechanism while the chiropractor stretches your joints, moving the table up and down. Your doctor will produce a distractive force using a smooth, pumping motion with the treatment table to stretch the individual spinal segments.

This treatment method is considered low force, meaning it is safe for spinal injuries, geriatric patients, pinched nerves, herniated dsics, and even pregnant women. Patients dealing with lower back pain and disorders benefit the most from this type of treatment.

2. Manual Joint Manipulation

Manual joint manipulation treats patients with pain in their middle back, neck, and all upper and lower extremities. The chiropractor uses his or her hands to distract, shift, or stimulate more movement into a joint when it’s inhibited and lacks normal range of motion. It is meant to loosen tight muscles and joints.

When restricted joints are relieved, nerve pain and muscle spasms are reduced, and spinal and extremity function is improved.   Joint manipulations are a great treatment to get you back to your normal activities which may be hindered by pain.

The chiropractor will tailor this specific manipulation, ranging from gentle to high intensity, to each individual patient based on age, needs, and the condition.

3. Low-Force Manipulation

This approach is taken when treating acute pain, elderly patients, infants and toddlers, or those who are dealing with conditions such as osteoporosis. Chiropractors use slower, less intense therapy when manipulating joints or using instruments that assist with adjustment. Low-force manipulation typically uses less pressure, which results in reduced pain and more mobility in joints. Relief typically begins immediately following treatment.

Aligned Medical Group uses these types of non-invasive chiropractic methods to alleviate joint pain, restore your natural range of motion, and allow you to return to an active lifestyle. Our specialists always evaluate your health and specific condition to determine which approach will be the most effective in treating your pain. Learn more about the many other non-surgical treatment methods to find out which one will benefit you by downloading our free eBook, Your Complete Guide to Choosing Non-Surgical Care.