The Ultimate Medical Weight Loss Program

For decades, the health and wellness market has been saturated with countless diet fads. Some work for a while and some do not even work at all. You may have heard the term “medical weight loss” and wondered if it is just another witty marketing ploy. You will be pleased to know that, not only is it a credible weight loss method but, it is one of few proven weight-loss programs available prescribed by a Physician. At Aligned Medical Group, our Synergy Medical Weight Loss Program targets appetite control, nutritional imbalances, physical activity, and patient education providing longer, lasting results.

Why is it called “Medical Weight Loss”?

Medical weight loss involves a team of medical professionals and clinically trained staff that oversee your care. Weekly check-ins and health monitoring, combined with an individually prescribed regimen, will help you safely achieve your weight loss goals.

At Aligned Medical Group of Paoli, PA, we offer patients the opportunity for a powerful change with the Synergy Medical Weight Loss treatment program. This takes into account the whole person and everything they need to reverse the trend of weight gain.

What is involved in a medical weight loss program?

Physician Exam: It is absolutely critical to begin any weight-loss program by having a physical examination by a qualified professional. We want to understand your current health before you begin the program.

Vitamin Injections: It is important to make sure your body is supplied with the correct levels of vitamins and amino acids as you lose weight. We monitor this by performing a baseline blood work exam.

Appetite Control: With carefully monitored FDA-Approved appetite suppressants, we will give you that extra boost of “will power” to turn away from those extra calories your body does not need.

Fitness and Nutrition Counseling: Losing weight and keeping the weight off center around proper nutrition and physical activities. Our staff can guide you with recommendations to reach your weight-loss goals and maintain your ideal body weight in the future.

Hormone Therapy: Maintaining proper hormone levels will aid in the breakdown of fat cells while keeping muscles strong and intact.

You are not alone!

When trying a new diet plan, often all you have is a book or website. Being alone during a weight-loss process can make it difficult to achieve and maintain success. With Aligned Medical Group’s proven medical weight loss program, you work with a clinically trained wellness consultant who helps guide you to your wellness goals. Weekly check-ins and goal setting help maintain progress.

It can be very dangerous to begin losing weight without some kind of medical supervision. The body is one unified whole, and whatever affects one area can also affect many other areas. With our medically monitored weight-loss program, you can rest easy knowing we are right there with you every step of the way.

If you would like to take control of your weight and attain a healthy lifestyle, visit www.alignedmedicalgroup.comto learn more about medical weight loss or call us at (610) 644-3166. We are happy to answer your questions and schedule an appointment.

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