The Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

When suffering with lower back pain, you may naturally resort to moving as little as possible in hopes that the pain will end. However, there are many exercises that can actually relieve lower back pain. You may not feel like you’re in the best mood for working out, but dedicating some time to these exercises will help you feel better.

Start Slowly

When you are in pain, it’s crucial to avoid jumping right into strenuous exercises. This could cause you to injure yourself instead of relieve your pain. Make sure to ease into these exercises in order to reap the benefits.   Do not perform any exercise which increases symptoms.

Core Exercises

Core exercises focus on the muscles that support your body’s ability to hold itself up and maintain good posture. Core muscles are located along your spinal column and strengthening them will help support healthy spine stability. In your lower body, the pelvis is at the core of your body’s posture and stability. Properly strengthening the abdominal muscles, hamstrings, and buttock muscles will support the pelvis.


When dealing with pain, the body typically responds with tightness to deter movement and to protect that specific area. However, this tightness may actually cause harm and lead to more problems. The restricted areas of your muscles, spine, and joints may be causing your lower back pain. By building flexibility, you will be relieving pain and stimulating healing in the body.

Stretches and exercises can address this by increasing flexibility.

If you’re dealing with lower back pain, try these exercises for relief.

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