Stem Cell Treatment Isn’t Science Fiction Anymore

You may have heard about “cellular therapy” and ” rejuvenative medicine” in the treatment of various muscle and ligament conditions. You probably also have heard of something called stem cell treatment. Many big words exist in the medical field, but if you’re suffering from painful conditions affecting your musculoskeletal tissues, the main word you’ll be glad to hear is “relief.”

As people learn how stem cell injections can produce outstanding results in repairing and replacing damaged tissue, they’re excited by the possibilities. For example, this state-of-the-art treatment often is used as a knee-replacement alternative, helping to heal a very painful condition without putting the patient through a costly – and sometimes risky – operation. 

What are stem cell injections?

Stem cells are “undifferentiated” cells. That means they’re not like the specific brain cells we find in our brain or the specific calf muscle cells in our lower legs. Undifferentiated cells have no “type,” allowing them to morph into a variety of different kinds of cells, as needed by a specific therapeutic goal.

Wherever in our bodies we find cells, we find growth and restoration. Cells act to repair tissue and create new cartilage, tendons, other connective tissue and bone. In cases where these tissues have been significantly damaged, our bodies may not produce enough healing cells to bring about restoration.

This is where cellular therapy comes in. When performed by skilled technicians in a professional, clinical environment, stem cell treatment can spell the difference between a life of pain and immobility and a life of true freedom. 

What conditions respond well to stem cell treatment?

Injuries to cartilage/ligaments/tendons: It’s not only athletes who have these issues. Normal body wear and tear can cause these injuries in anyone.

Osteoarthritis affecting the shoulders, knees or hips: Stem cell injections help with osteoarthritis in joint areas by forming new protective tissue.

Pain in the neck or back: If your back or neck pain is caused by a degenerative condition, stem cell treatment may be your answer.

Tennis/golfer’s elbow: These conditions (technically known as “tendinitis”) can affect people in all walks of life, not just golfers and tennis players.

Various joint injuries: Stem cell injections are an ideal therapy for a wide range of injuries to joints throughout the body.

Stem cell therapy is minimally invasive

While the results can be dramatic, stem cell treatment continues to grow in popularity in part because it provides an alternative to surgery. Stem cell injections are what the name implies – injections, not a procedure that requires general anesthesia, sharp surgical instruments and a lengthy recovery.

At Aligned Medical Group, our goal is the same as yours: to get you back into prime shape as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Our board-certified physicians understand the pain you’re experiencing and are ready to guide you in a course of treatment that’s both non-invasive and highly effective.

Stem cell treatment. Not science fiction, rather just good medicine. Make an appointment at our Paoli, Pa., office by calling (610) 644-3166 and find out if stem cell therapy is the right option for you.

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