When you enroll in the Synergy Medical Weight Loss program through Aligned Medical Group, you’ll be introduced to your Weight Wellness Consultant who will guide you through the process.

Synergy Medical Weight Loss is a non-surgical weight loss program that incorporates a variety of medications and natural supplements that speed up your body’s ability to burn fat while reducing appetite and increasing energy levels.

Getting Started

At the beginning of the program, a Wellness Consultant will review your medical history to find out more about you and your health. You’ll then discuss your weight loss goals and what you hope to achieve throughout this process. During this discussion, you’ll also review the successes and failures that you’ve had in the past. This will help your consultant understand what weight loss methods have and have not worked for you, so he or she can better tailor the program to you, including duration of the program, which aspects you choose to implement, natural supplements and reduced food consumption.

Having your Wellness Consultant by your side during these first steps to answer any questions you may have will help you feel more at ease.

Food and Exercise

Our Wellness Consultants are seasoned exercise physiologists that will help you with your weight loss goals by coaching you through exercising and helping you to be more active.

When you go through the Medical Weight Loss program, it’s important that you see it as a lifestyle change. Your Wellness Consultant will help you change the way you see food and exercise. You’ll learn the best ways to exercises to lose and maintain your new self.

Your Wellness Consultant will also help you understand dieting better. Denying yourself of foods you want is setting yourself up for failure, so instead, you’ll learn how to make better food choices and understand calories versus serving sizes. This method will help you make choices that will satisfy you while also helping you to lose weight.


One of the most important parts of sticking with your weight loss plan is to stay motivated throughout. Your Wellness Consultant is available anytime by email or phone to support you and help you stay on the right path even when you feel like giving up.

Your Weight Wellness Consultant is there for you to help you achieve your goal of losing weight. You can rely on them to help you keep going during difficult times, educate you on the weight loss program, provide helpful dieting tips that will align with your goals but also keep you satisfied, and help you stay active to lose weight and keep it off.

If you think you’d like to partner with a Weight Wellness Consultant and be involved in the Medical Weight Loss program, download our free eBook, Understanding Medical Weight Loss.