What to do about it

Assuming you haven’t developed a serious medical or pain condition, your main focus should be preventing the negative effects of sitting too long. It starts with dramatically decreasing your sitting time by getting up often and stretching a little or doing a few minutes of light exercise. Many experts recommend this kind of break once every hour.

Unfortunately, you can’t bypass these breaks and do an hour of aerobics or weight lifting after work. It’s the length of uninterrupted sitting time that causes the problem, not the ratio of sitting vs. being active throughout your day. But: you still should participate in regular exercise (example: walking, running, sports, weight training, swimming, etc.) for 20 or more minutes five or more times per week to bring about better health.

If you’re experiencing pain that you believe may have been caused or is being worsened by a lifestyle that requires long periods of sitting at work, Aligned Medical Group is here to help. We’re at 4 Industrial Blvd. #200 in Paoli, Pa. To schedule an appointment, call (610) 644-3166. We’ll provide the direction and treatments you need to get back on your feet – hopefully for longer periods!