Early Intervention and Outcomes

They say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! It’s easier to stop something before it worsens, than to wait until your options are limited.

 Oftentimes, patients tend to wait until their pain is so severe that they are unable to do the activities that they enjoy. Initially, the pain may have started as a mild ache in the low back or knee, and you just attributed it to “the weather.” From that day on, your body starts to develop compensations to avoid experiencing the pain. Maybe you are unconsciously changing the way you walk or stand. Maybe you’ve stopped participating in an activity you enjoy. These compensations accumulate over time, and when one area of the body changes its movement pattern, the adjacent body part is also affected. This mild ache in your knee or back, that started 6 months ago, has now turned into a severe pain that limits your ability to sit at your desk, or drive in your car. You find it difficult to comfortably sit at the movie theatre, relax at the pool, or take a walk on the beach with your family. You may even have trouble keeping up with your exercise routine because of your pain. This is the time when people typically seek help from their Physical Therapist or Chiropractor.  However, this chain of events can be easily avoided by seeking care when pain first appears.

Early identification and intervention of injury has been shown to decrease healthcare costs, lessen the severity of injury, and prevent the occurrence of future re-injury. Putting off treatment for your pain can lead to compensation of surrounding body systems to become stiff, tight, weak, and painful as mentioned above. Those areas need to also be addressed which can make the healing process take longer which means more co-pays, more doctor visits, and an extended plan of care. Early detection can also prevent the injury from worsening over time.

Seeking care in the early stages of your injury, instead of waiting until the pain is so severe that your activities are impeded, can allow you to continue to participate in those activities while healing and not missing a beat!

Finally, strengthening weaknesses and stiffness in the surrounding body parts, which may have contributed to the initial onset of pain, will help to prevent the re-occurrence of symptoms in the future.

In conclusion, seek care when you first begin to feel symptoms.


Aligned Medical Group, P.C.

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